Our Services

VEDIC AYURCARE provides you with a globalized and modernized version of Ayurveda.


Health consultation

Our qualified doctors believe that Ayurveda is one of the world's oldest whole-body healing systems and has the power to cure ailing bodies without toxifying it with modern age medicines. We have guaranteed solutions for ARTHRITIS, BACK PAIN, SINUSITIS & MIGRAINE, NERVOUS DISORDERS, SKIN & HAIR PROBLEMS, VARICOSE VEINS, MENSTRUAL DISORDER, PILES, PREGNANCY & POST PREGNANCY CARE.

Cleansing Program

The aim of this program is to remove the impurities of a human body in a natural process using Ayurvedic treatment. This helps in strengthening the immune system, and restoring balance and well-being.


Ayurvedic Therapies

we provide with multiple therapy services from very basic to precise need of a person. The type of treatment we offer are:

  • Massage: A relaxing ayurvedic procedure of application of warn medicated oil over body with certain amount of pressure. It enhances the blood circulation in the body. It is beneficial in neuromuscular disorders, paralytic and arthritis. This is a 7 days program which comes along with steambath costs around 14K.
  • Rejuvination: Massage to enhance the body complexion as well as removes the impurities of the body. This includes head, face and body massage and depending on client’s wish the process runs from 7 to 21 days and costs around 17K-29K.
  • Srovati: Is a procedure in which medicated oil is allowed to stay over the head for prescribed time. It is known for curing insomnia, stress, Strain and also in neurological disorder. It is a 5-7days process costing around 14K.
  • Sirodhara: Most known procedure is sirodhara, in which medicated oil is continuously poured over the head and allowing to flow over the scalp. This relieves stress, strain, reduces headache and insomnia.
  • Thakardhara: The procedure is same as that of sirodhara in which medicated buttermilk is used instead of oil. It improves the hair growth. This therapy is recommended for psoriasis, dermaitis and anxiety neurosis.
  • Kizhi: This method is done with herbal leaves. It is very effective in cervical spondylosis disc prolapsed, sclatica, joint disorder, arthritis. We have another version of the same named Njavara which is strongly recommended for working against the muscle wasting and also enhances body complexion in women.
  • Pizhichil: A treatment very effective in case of paralysis, neuromuscular lesions, joint stiffness, lower back disorder and prevents aging. The whole process takes from 7 to 14 days and costs around 12k-20k.

Weight Management Program

If you aren’t happy with your body weight then we have a deep tissue dry massage along with steam bath along with herbal medicines. This treatment has a timeline of 7,14,21 days and cost varies from 10K-25K.


Ladies special rejuvenation program

We understand it’s difficult to be a modern age woman. Thus we have a special treatment for you ladies to pamper yourself with the wellness of ayurveda. This methodology reverses an revitalizes the skin through herbal oil, anti aging facepacks and medicated milk therapy that you feel completely rejuvenated. The different timelines are 3,7,14 days.